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WHAT IS cquartz professional CERAMIC coating?

CQuartz Professional is a professionally applied, extremely durable, high gloss ceramic car coating, providing enhancement and years of protection for your cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats! CQuartz Professional is the latest formula from CQuartz, the leader in nano coating technology for cars! Based on the cutting edge innovations of CQuartz Finestover the past decade, their latest formula is infused with an advanced fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 (quartz), with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and deep, rich gloss with 9H hardness that lasts for years!


CQuartz has earned an outstanding reputation for over delivering on initial expectations with every one of their ceramic paint coatings! Not only is their CQuartz’ nanotechnology cutting edge, but they design, manufacture, and support an entire line of innovative and easy to use maintenance products that are the envy of the detailing industry. Most importantly, the results are second to none, save time, and keep your car turning heads everywhere it goes!

Can I install a paint protection film with cquartz ceramic professional?

Absolutely! CQuartz is made to be installed on top of any clear bra or paint protection film brands including the finest paint protection film in Long Island & Queens.


CQuartz Professional harnesses the power of advanced nano technology. Each silica (quartz) atom has multiple fluorocarbon molecular bonds, which create a high-density 3D structural coating matrix. Once bonded to the surface of your paint, CQuartz Professional not only protects the gloss and depth created by your professionally accredited CQuartz Certified Installer, it actually enhances it! Once cured, CQuartz Professional forms a dense, durable ceramic coating that protects the paint for years to come!

In short? The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier! Water spots can be a challenge for other products In the ceramic coating industry, but no durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than CQuartz’ line of Professional coatings. CQuartz Professional also resists bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental fallout! Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!


Not only are CQuartz ceramic coatings leading the industry with constant advances, but no other company have such a stringent certification process. Thousands of detailers apply to become CQuartz Professionals installers and only 2% pass the certification because of the high-standards of quality of work and integrity that CQuartz demands from each installer. KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating is a Certified CQuartz Ceramic Professional Installer. Those who qualify to become an installer are considered to be the best in the detailing profession.

Ceramic Coating Long Island
CQuartz Finest Reserve
professional paint protective coating for paint, wheels & metals
CQuartz Finest Reserve
 Durability: 10 years
 Professional Coating available to CQuartz Certified Installers exclusively
 The “wet” look that lasts for years
 Extreme UV protection
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 Stays clean longer
 Industry leading self-cleaning affect
 Resistance to oil and water stains and marks
 Resistance to brake dust and iron contaminants
 Resistance to abrasion
 Resistance to bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs
 Durability measured in years
CQuartz ceramic Professional
professional paint protective coating for paint, wheels & metals
CQuartz Professional
 Durability: 3+ years
 Professional Coating available to CQuartz Certified Installers exclusively
 The “wet” look that lasts for years
 Extreme UV protection
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 Stays clean longer
 Industry leading self-cleaning affect
 Resistance to oil and water stains and marks
 Resistance to brake dust and iron contaminants
 Resistance to abrasion
 Resistance to bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs
 Durability measured in years
CQuartz UK
protective coating for paint, wheels & metals
CQuartz UK
 Durability: 2+ years
 Protection & gloss comparable or better than our competitors "professional coatings"
 CQUK has 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity!
 Extremely deep, rich gloss
 Minor swirling filling abilities
 Repels water, oils, dirt, & contaminates
 Protection from UV rays
 Easy maintenance with "self cleaning" properties
 Resistance to wash induced marring
 Average thickness of CQUK is between 1-2 microns per layer
 Resists bird droppings, water spots & traffic film
 Resists extremely high temperatures
 Ultra hard CQUK contains ceramic nano particles found within glass, the results are a highly reflective, transparent layer
CQuartz TiO2 Classic
 SiO2 (Quartz) & TiO2 (Titanium) hybrid coating.
 Extreme reflections, gloss, "self cleaning" & resistance to oxidation.
 Extremely durable hard glossy coat, which can help protect against acid rain, bird droppings, corrosive traffic film, tar, & harmful UV rays.
 Offers a deep, rich gloss with self cleaning properties making future washing of your vehicle, faster & easier.
 CQuartz contains ceramic nano-particles found within glass alongside TiO2 nano-particles creating a highly reflective, transparent layer offering incredible durability.
 CQuartz forms a strong bond directly to the paint, becoming one with the painted surface & offering a true sacrificial barrier to the environment.
 CQuartz active ingredients form a precise & uniformed level layer, giving strong water & oil repllency & resisting most stains on the paints surface.
 Average thickness of each layer of Quartx is 1-2 microns.
 Resists extremely high temperatures.
CQuartz DLUX
Protective coating for wheels, plastic & metal trims
CQuartz DLUX
 Permanently restore plastics to dark finish
 Durability upwards of 2+ years
 Withstands temperatures of over 800F
 Excellent UV protection on all exterior substrates
 Versatility of application: Wheels & rubber surfaces
CQuartz FlyBy30
water repellent coating for windshield & windows
 Provides safe & high visibility driving in poor weather conditions
 Fast repellency & glass easily cleared from rain, ice snow & bugs
 High water drop contact angle (112 degrees) & low sliding angle (15 degrees) promise fast repellency
 Water repellency on windshields will last a minimum of 6-8 months (1 season)
 Rain drops will continue to repel but at higher speeds
Flyby30 repels water drops starting at 30-40mph & allows you to have clear vision with safe driving
Flyby30 can be used on all car glass allowing safe driving in the rain with clear vision all around
CQuartz FlyBy Forte
water repellent coating for windshield & windows
 Durability: up to 2+ years
 Initial contact angle: 115 degrees
 Water drop sliding angle: 20 degrees
 Extreme abrasion resistance
 No wiper chatter
 Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice & snow
Harsh chemicals resistant (from 4-12 pH)
Improves night vision & inclement weather
Suitable for any glass type: auto, marine, aviation & mo
CQuartz Leather & Vinyl
protective coating for leather & vinyl surfaces
CQuartz Leather
 Durability: 1-2 years
 Resists dye transfer
 Hydrophobic & oil phobic
 Stain resistant
 Chemical resistant
 UV resistant
"Easy clean" affect
Preserves color & resists fading
Suitable for traditional finished leather, synthetic leather & vinyl
CQuartz Fabric
protective coating for fabric & carpets
 Super hydrophobic: Liquids are repelled instantly
 Durability: withstands mechanical wear for up to a year & withstands strong soaps & high pH intensive detergents
 UV protection: protects against UV degeneration while maintaining the supple feel & original color of treated surfaces
 Versatility: Protects many surfaces such as fabric upholstery, carpets, mats & convertible fabric tops
 Long lasting protection for textiles & leather against water, dirt & grease
Resists bacteria growth from sweat, dirt, oils & liquids
Requires less cleaning: in most cases simply wipe with a damp microfiber towel
 Suitable for a variety of textiles
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